Sunday, May 22, 2011

Off Season Questions: Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

1.     Can Michael Vick stay healthy?
Wow. That’s all many people could say after seeing quarterback Michael Vick last season. This was not the Michael Vick that Altanta fans knew, the Vick who made one read and ran for it. Vick was making multiple reads throwing ropes to Jackson and Maclin, completing passes efficiently, staying in the pocket, and not throwing interceptions. It was truly an incredible transformation to watch and by midseason nobody really seemed to care about Kevin Kolb as anything besides Vick’s insurance policy. Which is coincidentally the whole point of this question. Vick was nearly superhuman throughout the season except for when he was hurt. Part of that can be attributed to simply pathetic effort on the part of the Eagles line, but part of that lie on Vick’s scrambling which can open him up to big hits. Vick’s ability to escape more often than not is not in question, what is in question is what happens on the times that he doesn’t.

2.     Oh To Be Young and Full of promise
The Eagles have one of the best young nucleuses in the league. Period. DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy and Brent Celek are some of the best at their position and coupled with reborn superstar Michael Vick have given the Eagles an edge similar to the University of Oregon last season, they can score from anywhere at any time. Can the offense score enough points to cover up lapses by a still suspect Eagles defense?

3.     Much Ado About Kevin
You really can’t just let this one slip by if you’re going to write about the Eagles this offseason. What’s going to happen to Kevin Kolb? Is he staying or going? And if (probably) going, where’s he going to go? The best package I’ve heard of was mentioned by John Clayton of ESPN in his mailbag, Arizona Cardinals second round picks in the next two drafts. Some might be reading this right about now and be asking why not a first rounder? I must admit I was asking myself the same question considering Kolb is almost certainly better than anyone the Cardinals or any other NFC West team besides the Rams has on the roster. Well that’s actually the problem, the Cardinals play in the worst division in the history of the NFL, that’s not my opinion it’s a fact. The NFC West was won last season, for the first time in league history, by a team that lost more games than it won. Thus a young guy like Kolb at the controls of a potentially very potent offense in Arizona might be able to get back to the top of the division and thus become a playoff contender moving their pick to the early 20’s as opposed to say #12. Second round picks are more predictable in that respect and offer a longer term pay off to the Eagles. Will Andy Reid buy it? That’s the question

4.     Behind a Strong Philly Offense Theres…
A pretty weak defense. Yup for all the prolific exploits of the Eagles offense (Miracle at the New Meadowlands included) the defense was softer than it should have been. The return of the injured Brandon Graham should lend some help to this defense but the addition of a shut down corner (Nnamdi Asomugha anybody?) would go a long way toward helping the Eagles.

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