Sunday, April 10, 2011

Way too early feature of the week: Preseason Heisman watchlist

So today I decided that it was a good day for a Heisman watchlist (why not it's a rainy day and it's assassins season at Breck). SO without further ado here is my first Way Too Early Feature of the Week.

1. Andrew Luck QB, Stanford
Luck had a truly heisman worthy season last year throwing for over 3000 yards and putting together a highlight reel that had him as a lock for the #1 spot in the draft. However something happened right as Panthers fan began projecting Luck draped in black and blue Luck decided he wasn't quite finished with the world of college football and is back this year with a new coach and dreams of a national championship. Make no mistake, Stanford has a strong shot at the glass football and after a runner up finish in the balloting this year Andrew Luck has a chance to have "His name forever followed by the words Heisman Trophy Winner"

2. LaMichael James RB, Oregon
An absolute burner James is an absolute home run hitter and a threat every time he comes near a football. That being said James may not have it so easy this time around with three Oregon offensive linemen graduating. That being said Oregon has transformed itself into a national powerhouse that demands respect even if it has to rip it from Lane Kiffin's fingers. Which segways perfectly into...

3. Matt Barkley QB, USC
Barkley is good...really good. Barkley after a rough staret as the first freshman ever to start at QB for the Trojans may really hit his stride this year after two years. I know it's not a actual stat but you gotta admire Barkley sticking it out at USC despite all the turnover as first his coach then several scholarships left campus and he was given Runaway Lane as a consolation prize. On top of all of that he was told that for the next two years he would never win a bowl game. Through it all Barkley has played and played well. I'm excited to see him do battle with Andrew Luck.

4. Kellen Moore QB, Boise State
I feel kind of guilty putting Moore at the bottom of my rankings but I also think that his chances are slim. Moore is an absolute phenom with pinpoint accuracy and nerves of steel both of which he showed in a game against Nevada. Moore is a proven winner who could go head to head with any QB on this list and come out with a chance of winning. But the qulaity of Moore's competition is going to count against him and in the end I can't see him coming away with the Heisman despite what I'm sure will be a season for the ages.

Dark horses: This year I'm putting two sophomores as my dark horses. They're not really dark horses so much as they are people who I believe will get their first real crack at the award next season. For those I've picked lightning fast Nebtraska QB Taylor Martinez. Martinez is a human highlight reel who exhibits a good arm and houdini feet. There are reports that there is no qurterback in the college game who runs the zone read option system as well as "T-Magic" and after seeing his play, I'm forced to agree. The other is South Carolina RB Marcus Lattimore who has drawn comparisons in style to Vikings RB Adrian Peterson. Lattimore started at running back for a very good South Carolina team last year that almost won the SEC. With his quarterback Stephen Garcia suspended indefinitely we might be seeing a lot more of Lattimore busting through the secondary and into the end complaints here.

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