Friday, April 22, 2011

Quick Update

Hello people who read my blog and the two people who follow it,

I'm sorry I haven't come out with my new 4 questions series or a new mock draft. There's good reasons for both of these things, I decided to postpone my offseason questions segment until after the draft. It just seemed like a multitude of new questions and answers will spring up after the draft that would invalidate me putting up the series now. Secondly I'm going to put up themock draft the day before the draft, 1. because I've been a little swamped of late and I want to make sure it's a high quality mock draft. 2. Because it will be better to have that copy to base my post draft analysis off of. I'm only going to do the first round because I do have other obligations.

Also put questions in the mailbag, no such thing as a stupid question.
Alright till next time

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  1. Cool dooood :) You should check out my blog if you have time...yes, it's cubing related.