Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heisman List #2

It is 4am, I cannot sleep. I am bored. These are the facts of the case and they are undisputed. In order to make myself feel useful and stave off my boredom I have finished the second Heisman watchlist I mentioned a few weeks ago. What will I write on next? Not even I know.

Heisman List V2

1.       Andrew Luck

For all the same reasons as I listed months ago I still have Andrew Luck holding the Heisman (and possibly the glass football) at the end of this next season. Luck is an incredible talent with the size and playmaking ability that you’d ideally look for in a qb to pair with a strong arm and solid scrambling abilities. He may be missing his old coach but I have faith that Luck can rise above this.

2.       Matt Barkley

Let’s put it this way, a final showdown between Barkley and Luck is must see television. Barkley threw 26 touchdowns last year and many feel that he has just barely scratched the surface of his potential.

3.       Trent Richardson

Mark Ingram’s backup these past two years built quite a bit of hype for himself this past season. Filling in for Mark Ingram, Richardson rushed for a career high 144 yards against Penn State and lead many to believe he could be even better than Ingram. Richardson is a wrecking at 220 lbs and explosive. Look for Richardson’s name to be called a lot during Heisman trophy debates.

4.       Taylor Martinez

I bumped T-Magic up and Kellen Moore down for this issue. Why? Is it because I believe that Taylor Martinez is better than Kellen Moore? Absolutely not, simply put this is a list built on Likelihood not Desire, But more on that later. Martinez in my view is better positioned to be in real contention because for reasons I understand yet also don’t comprehend the world just refuses to take Boise State seriously. Martinez plays for Nebraska, a program that I know first hand has a fan base that will kill for it’s team. Nebraska overall garners more respect than Boise State even if Martinez isn’t as statistically impressive as Moore.

5.       (DH) Kellen Moore

So, back to my explanation (rant) about Kellen Moore, were it up to me I’d give Moore the Heisman because he is one of the best QB’s in the college game and is thrilling when the game is on the line (Moore’s bomb to Titus Young was a thing of beauty and you’re missing out if you haven’t seen it) But as I noted earlier, Moore gets very little respect from the establishment. Moore made the final list last year and I believe he’ll make it again this year because he is indeed that good. But he won’t win the Heisman because a quarterback from a more recognized conference and a more recognized program will end up winning it.

6.       (DH) Marcus Lattimore

My views on Lattimore haven’t changed since last issue, he’s an incredible even freakish talent. Lattimore is a dangerous combination of speed, vision and strength and had an incredible season last year before South Carolina was chopped down by Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers. Between Lattimore and his team mate Alshon Jeffery, who will be an all American wide receiver this year, the college world should tremble

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